Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Cousin?!

So, another thing that happened in 2015 (yes, yes, I know this is late, but I can explain later):

Can you tell I LOVE running in our yard?!
I got a little fuzzy cuzzin!

It's Ripples!
"Help meeee!  These Golden Retrievers are INSANE!!!"
Me (left), Ripley (center), and Foster Sister Tempe (right)
Playing rough with Foster Sister Tempe!  She loves puppies!
Sadie Bear lovers, meet Ripley!  We like to call him "Ripplestilkskin", or "The Ripster", or "Frank the Tank".  My aunt and uncle got him late this past summer from the Humane Society up here.  He was 7 weeks old, and WOW!  Does this guy grow fast or what?!

Relaxing on a nice day this past summer
Here is my little photo journal of my cuzzin's life thusfar.  As of yesterday, Ripley now weighs more than me and he is only 60 lbs. I have my work cut out for me.

Ripley diggin' the puppy pool!
Do you have any fuzzy cuzzins? :)  Please share if you do...we love some good family photos!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrapping Up the Gifts...and 2015

Good Morning from the Master Barker herself....me!

Sorry it's been soooooo long since I have posted.  It's been a long, what, 6 months since I have last popped my head onto my site?  It's almost embarrassing.  Yowza.

The past 6 months have been a crazy ride.  I'm planning on telling you all about it here as frequently as I can, but please be patient with me- remember, I still haven't sprouted thumbs yet...the space bar is tough, so it takes me a long time to type! ;-)

I'll leave you a picture of me chilling in my doggie pool from this summer- boy do we miss that!  No snow in Minne"snow"ta yet, and I'm getting the Golden blues because I loooove the snow.

Do you love snow?  If you do, please oh please do a little snow dance so we can get a few flakes tonight- rather than rain!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: New Snacks

Good Morning, Everyone!

Boy, did we get a new haul of treats over the weekend!  The Golden Retriever rescue that Bosses foster through (and where I was adopted from) had a great treat and food drive for their foster parents, helping to reduce costs of foster care.  It was great!

We now have chewy treats, crunchy treats, big treats, small treats, pork bones, pig ears, you name it!  Our next foster puppy, Emma, is going to be tickled pink when she gets here!  We both even got pretty girly girl dog beds to compliment our feast.  For the next little while, we'll dine like queens!  Until then, enjoy this video of me enjoying one of the dental chews- I need to taste test for my new little sister! :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mischief Monday: Whirlwind of a Weekend!

Wow, what a weekend!

First off, I got a fur friend for the weekend.  His name is Buddy, and he's a Goldendoodle.  He was just surrendered to the rescue Bosses foster with, and needed a place to stay for the weekend.  So...here he is!  He just went off to his permanent foster home yesterday.  What a good boy!

It's Buddy!
Not only did we have Buddy for the weekend, we also took him on a trip to visit our friends about an hour away from us.  So, he got to meet my friend, Jax! :)  We took Buddy hiking. And, we played with him.  A lot.

That leg position looks anything but confortable! :-P
 Jax and I tried our hardest to wear this big boy out.  I mean, this big guy isn't even a year old yet.  I think we did win- his new foster says that he's a very calm and gentle boy.  Boy, we sure didn't see that! BOL!

Beautiful boy Buddy.
 Buddy was used to living in a crate most of his days.  He was purchased from a puppy mill as a wee little guy, brought home, and then he grew to be a small horse!  He started to become a destructive puppy, eating food off counters, gnawing on childrens' arms, knocking kids over, eating everything in sight, you know....that whole big puppy thing!  They decided they couldn't give him the energy and time to teach him to be a good big boy, so they gave him up.  The moment he was allowed to run in the house, he couldn't stop wiggling and wagging!

Stoic Jax.
 He will be definitely loved by whoever adopts him- he will be a wonderful doggie!  We all think so!  Jax and I will miss him.  Well, sort of.  Jax and I thought he might've been a tad too big and crazy for our style of play, but he was a nice guy, nonetheless.

Getting a good roll in the snow- one of my favorite things!
 In the meantime, I'm just resting up from the crazy, mischievious, and delightfully adventurous weekend we had!  I'll be getting my real foster sister, Emma, on Saturday.  Watch out for some adorable puppy love pictures sometime over the weekend or NEXT Monday Mischief!

Showing off my sweet hops!
 Oh, more good news.  It's supposed to get to 50 degrees F next week.  All you Minnesota dogs- there's hope for us! :D  I can't wait to get out there and play some fetch- Boss isn't terribly willing to take me out and throw a ball for very long because 0 degrees F is just miserable.  So, our favorite time of year (outdoor season) is upon us!

Get that Sheltie!!!!
 Ahhhhhh, Spring.  MORE good news, just because I'm in an optimistic mood: Daylight Savings Time is ALSO upon us!  On Sunday, we'll get one more hour of light in the evening.  That also means that it'll be dark for one hour longer in the morning, but oh well- we can deal with that.  That means more time out on the deck once it gets warm enough!  Yay!

"Nah nah nah nah nah- you can't catch me!!!"
What did you do this weekend?!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday: Old Boredom, New Friends

Goooood Morning, Everyone!

Again, my winter blues has been hitting me hard.  Bosses feel kind of bad that we're not outside all the time, but let's face it- the cold weather is just not giving in!  Luckily, we have some (surprise!!!) very good news:

I love playing fetch in the snow...when it's warm...
Temporary Foster Sibling tonight!!!!!

I make sure my Bosses feel as guilty as possible when they leave for work.
We're going to be taking care of a Goldendoodle who is about to turn 1 year old.  We'll have him for the next few days and into the weekend, so that he can go to his permanent foster family.  He looks absolutely adorable, and I'll be sure to get my paws on that camera so you can see for yourself (hopefully) tomorrow.

Mom caught me sleeping on Dad's memory foam pillow...ooops....
What are you doing thusfar to curb your winter blues?

Completely splaying out in the yard while shoveling my face in the good stuff = favorite thing!
....and because I'm a total optimist, more good news for everyone: Daylight Savings Time is less than 2 weeks away!  Who's looking forward to that?! (ME!)


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