Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adventure Dog Tuesday: Jay Cooke State Park

Happy Adventure Dog Tuesday!

We'd like to start our post off today with some GReat news:  Our buddy Kaiser, will be adopted on Friday!  He will now be known as Geno- named after a famous hockey player.  His new family is fantastic, and we know we'll get to see him every once in a while- they only live 15 minutes away!  So hooray for Kaiser/Geno! :)

Anywho, back to our Adventure Dog Tuesday.

We LOVE adventures around here, so you'll be hearing about our excursions for a loooong time. :)

Our second camping trip from this past summer was with our friends up to Jay Cooke State Park, up near Duluth, Minnesota.  We thought this place was a gem- there was something to do for the entire weekend.  It was a little more loud and crowded than other places we go to up on the North Shore, but the campsites were far enough away and separated by trees that it didn't matter much.

This was the one weekend this summer that we didn't get rained out at least one night.

The campsite was enjoyable.  Busy, but enjoyable.  It was a little more difficult to reserve a campsite here, because so many people like to camp here that you do have to book your weekend at least 6-8 months in advance.  We managed to get two campsites that were across the street from each other- pretty snazzy!

There were so many hiking trails to go along.  Not only were there hiking trails, there was a really nice biking trail for Bosses, too!  We went along the Munger Trail, a rugged hiking trail along the river.  We thought it was fun!

Bosses even taught me how to swim in a calm bay off the river.  I LOVED it.  I am now addicted to swimming. :)  See, I told you I was a water dog!

Small Boss had a rather unfortunate "spill" on our afternoon hike on Saturday.  I was hiking along with the Big Boss, and Small Boss lost her footing on a rock face and fell down 15 feet with her nice DSLR camera in her hand.  She cut up her knee really good, and the camera survived!  We were so prepared that we even forgot band-aids....oh wait, yeah, we weren't prepared at all.  The Big Boss is an Eagle Scout, he was NOT prepared whatsoever!  Oh well, I digress.  We got back to camp and cleaned up Small Boss and she was fine.

I got to play all weekend with my little buddy, Jax!  He's quite the guy. :)  I'm always bummed when we have to go our separate ways, but I know that he'll always be my little buddy!  Friendship is the best ship!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pictures and memories from my lovely July camping trip!  Have you been on any fun camping trips?  What kind of memories or good advice do you have?

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  1. Congrats to your little buddy on getting adopted! That looks like a beautiful place to explore. And glad your mom and the camera are ok! Can't wait to hear about your next adventure :)

    1. It was a beautiful park! We have others that top this one, but for being 2.5 hours away from the Twin Cities vs. 4+ if you go up the North Shore, we'll take it! Thank goodness the camera lasted during this trip- the body has survived two pretty good falls, but the lens...not so much. We're hoping to get out sometime in the next few weeks in the area to take some gorgeous fall pictures at a nearby state park! :)

  2. Oh that last picture is so precious! Yay on being a water dog, and what a perfect spot to go hiking! Can't wait to hear about more adventures in the area.

    1. It may or may not be the Christmas card photo this year... :) We love it that much! It was a gorgeous hiking spot, for being 2.5 hours away from the Twin Cities metro area. We're trying to go nearby to get some last-chance glimpses of the fall colors before the....*gulp*.....snow gets here. But, I love the snow, and I was a wee pup when we had a historically cold winter here last year (-40 F was not an unusual sight- eeeeek). So, bring it on! :) More adventures!

  3. Wow. Those first river pictures with all of the rocks are beautiful. I have never been to that area.

    1. The entire "North Shore" region looks like this- it's gorgeous! We'd never leave if we didn't have to! Our goal is to visit all the "North Shore" state parks at some point. We've been to about half so far, and they're great! The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is also a spectacular place we'd like to travel through- Bosses have been there, but I hear I have to be "canoe trained" before I go with them. Why can't I just paddle behind them? ;-)


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