Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#AdventureDogChat Tuesday: The Birthday Outing

Happy Tuesday!

I guess you can call this a "part 2" to my post yesterday about my super fun-filled birthday on Saturday.  This part of my day was pretty adventurous, being my first trip to a very large place filled with lots of people.

Loving the shade under these awesome trees!
We decided to go to an apple orchard for my birthday afternoon, since I love apples!  Bosses brought me along, since all three of us love to eat apples.  We headed on out to one about 45 minutes Southwest of our house, called "Minnesota Harvest".  They had lots of things for us to do.  We started by....well...finding a parking spot, which proved to be pretty challenging.  The good news was that we found one right by the playground- where tons of tiny little mailmen were playing!  More good news- I got to play with tons of tiny little mailmen, because everyone wanted to pet me.  Now that was a pretty sweet deal.

Gorgeous fall colors at the orchard.  Can't say no to those!
As soon as the Bosses could peel me away from the tiny mailmen, we went down the trail to get a bag to pick our own apples.  We picked that up, and headed out to the fields to pick some grub!  I even got to ride on the cart behind the tractor.  And believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it.  Cool.

Mmmmm, apples!
We got off the cart at the first orchard, where we got to pick different kinds of apples based on what purpose you were going to use the apples for.  We picked Haralson and Cortland apples, since Bosses like to bake desserts with them.  I heard rumors of Apple Crisp and applesauce, with the extras made into doggie applesauce and apple chips!  Yesssssss.

I love laying under the trees and smelling all the apples.  I don't touch the rotten ones, though...eeeek.
Big Boss and I were having a great time playing catch with the apples, too.  It's like catching a ball, but with delicious, delicious juices coming out when you puncture it with your teeth!  Woo hoo.

I like to catch!  They're like tennis balls, but tastier!
We wandered around after our bag was full, which involved meeting the farm pets.  I got to meet ducks (my personal favorite, as you can see), peacocks, goats, sheep, and chickens.  Bosses wouldn't let me meet the horses, since the Big Boss is deathly allergic to them.  I want him to stick around for a while, so I'll refrain from meeting the horses. :)

My ears were SO perky when I saw the ducks.  I really wanted to "play" with them. :)
All in all, it was a gorgeous fall day, with great people and activities for everyone!  They are very dog friendly, and we had quite the adventure!

Hope you enjoyed- until next time, chow!
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  1. That sounds like a fabulous and fun time Sadie

    1. It was indeed a blast. Now someone needs to tell the Bosses to get up off their bums and make some tasty apple snacks! :)


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