Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Mischief: Sadie the Motor Mouth

Good Morning, Friends!

Sorry I didn't get the chance to get my paws on the keyboard yesterday- Bosses didn't let me into the computer room, since they went to Iowa City for a wedding over the weekend.  I got to hang out with my Grand"paw", "Run"cle, and "Paw"nt.  I think that's what they call those people?

Anywho, today, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the one thing that gets me in the most trouble:

My mouth.

I am a young dog, and am learning what is appropriate and not appropriate to chew on.  Unfortunately, I figure things out the hard way.  Bosses use a technique to help me learn what is right and wrong, which helps a lot.  If I have my mouth stuck on something they'd like me to leave alone, they switch the bad thing out with something good, like, a Nylabone/chew/ball.  That way, it's positive training with no negative punishments.  I think it's great!  Sometimes, when they're gone at work, I find something out of the blue and obliterate it.  Whoops.  Hence the first Monday Mischief that we wrote about- the stairs getting de-carpeted.

Along with behavioral training, chewing on inappropriate items can be physically dangerous for us dogs.  What if I would have ingested any of the things I ripped to smithereens?!  I hear things don't end well when certain items get stuck, so Boss likes to make sure I'm supervised when chewing on things as much as humanly possible.

We read a neat guide called "Eat This, Not That!" that explains the hazards items can introduce to dogs.  There's even a "seasonal hazards" section, which is very relevant during this time of year!  Halloween this week, Thanksgiving next month, Christmas, New Years.....lots of fun, but also lots of hazards.  I encourage you to read through the guide- even if you know some portions of it already, it's always worth a read.  You can learn something new everyday!

What are some inappropriate items I've destroyed?
  • Underwear- I only rip up the cute ones that Small Boss has.  Not Big Boss's- those aren't cute.
  • The carpet on the staircase- I pull the carpet up and shred the padding underneath.  Good fun!
  • Socks- I like to tug on these.  They have good smells, too!
  • The rugs in the kitchen- they looked too neat.  Plus, all the food smells?  Psh! Yeah!
  • The memory foam bath mats- they were so squishy.  Felt like cotton candy!
  • Toilet paper rolls- because when it's shredded, it looks like snow!  And I like snow!
  • Mom's peony plant roots- THIS was a little more scary.  I threw up a lot from these- turns out they are toxic to dogs.  Who knew?!  Mom immediately put a little fence around these so I can't get them.
  • Cardboard boxes- the cats do it, why can't I?
  • Markers- I ate one.  It wasn't as satisfying as I thought.
The list could go on.  However, I don't actually swallow my victims.  Whew.  I recommend you check that infographic/guide out.  I found it very helpful, and we now know what symptoms to look for in case I do end up swallowing something one of these days.

*Note: I was not compensated for this article- I found it informational, and thought it would be a good read!*

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  1. Good post Sadie - you sure like to chew don't you? Glad you don't swallow that could end up at the vets and not just for a check up!

    1. The Bosses have warned me about that! They'd like to avoid that, if possible! :)

  2. girl.... I got in so much trouble when I ate mom's dance shoes, her watercolor painting and three quilt blocks, with the plastic templates inside. Made the rolls of toilet paper seem tame. Have you tried grass? pretty good until you urp. I'm into pulling now.
    Cole at not afraid of color

    1. Oh wow, you have eaten quite the share of goodies! I have indeed tried grass- grass doesn't bother my system yet, though. My grand"paw"'s dog loves that stuff (the thick blades in particular) and urps all the time. Maybe he'll learn...someday...! I pull the mulch and landscaping blankets up instead. The humans really love that. ;-)

  3. What a chewer you are Sadie. Try to stay out of trouble missy :)

    1. I'll try my best! You think I would learn.....Bosses really aren't a fan when I ruin their things! Maybe they need to learn first, to modify their entire house for me!

  4. Bruin is going through the same thing, only he not only likes to chew but swallow as well! lol It's all a learning process...for all of us! lol

    1. Woof-da! That's pretty intense! Learning curve is exactly right- stay healthy over there, Bruin! :) Maybe we should make a pact to stay out of trouble :)

  5. Sadie, you are so honest! Love it - Harley doesn't chew up socks he hides them from me. Can you tell me why?

    1. Maybe he wants to play hide-and-seek? :) I have moved on from socks to underwear- but my hiding spot never works- turns out the middle of the living room isn't good enough. ;-) BOL!


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