Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: DIY Doggie Bed

Good Morning, Every"paw"dy!

If you have read my past posts about my crafty Boss, you'd already know this!

But if you haven't, here's one thing: Small Boss is really crafty.  Her creative mind is always flowing, and she loves to make me new things!  If you have a little bit of sewing knowledge, you can definitely make your furry friend a doggie bed.  Here are the various ones she has made!

The first bed is for my kitty siblings, Thor and Allie.  Bosses got these guys off a free Craigslist ad almost 3 years ago when they were 9 weeks old.  Since they cuddled together all the time, Bosses decided the kitties needed a bed.  I don't blame 'em, maybe they should get another one so they stop encroaching on my bed!  Ugh!

My kitty siblings, Thor and Allie, when they were babies.
Aren't they cute?
Typical kitty sibling Thor...letting it all hang out.
Cuties in their kitty bed!
Sorry.  I digress. :)

So, that was the kitty bed.

The second bed was made for me.

Napping on the pre-made materials when I was a tiny thing
Willie and Me in my huge doggie bed!
Modeling my HUGE bed.
I can really stretch out in this thing!
The third bed was made for my friend, Willie.  His Bosses got a bigger place to live, so naturally, he needed a bed for both levels of their townhome!  Small Boss made him one for their living area.  Rumor has it that he loves it!  I made sure to sit in it while Boss was making it so that he could smell me all the time when it got to his house. He he he.

The fourth bed was made for, well, me again.  Boss has been experimenting with different shapes and sizes to see which bed I would actually sleep in.  So this time, she made a super fluffy rectangle.

Being a good little "momma" to my baby friend, Jax.
Chewing on a bone on my fluffy dog bed.
The fifth bed was made for my other buddy, Jax.  He went home with his Bosses and needed a puppy bed!  So, our family gave him a "welcome home" kit, which consisted of some of my little puppy toys and a fluffy little bed he could call his own.  I love my little puppy friend- I needed to let him know how much he meant to me!  :D  I tried to sit in his bed.  Not quite as successful- it kept my rump pretty cozy, though.

One of my good buddies Jax in his little puppy bed. So sweet.
Boss made these using some simple Geometry.  She drew out a couple sketches of what she would like the bed to look like, then she made these shapes into different "pieces" of which to sew together to get the 3-D shapes she needed.  Can you tell that Small Boss ditches me Monday-Friday to work in 4-6th grade Math class? ;-)

After she got the pieces cut out, she sewed the outer tubes together, as well as the bottom liner portions together.  Once those two portions were sewn, she assembled them by sewing the tube to the bottom liner portion, leaving a 5" portion open so that she could stuff each spot.

She stuffed them, and then hand-sewed the hole shut.  Voila!

Do you think they turned out alright?  What shape would YOU pick?  Or better yet, would anyone like her to make a detailed tutorial? :)

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  1. Oh wow! Those look like super comfy beds!!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Thoughtless Thursday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks! Now if only we could convince kitty Thor to stop licking holes in them.... :( Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Wow, those looks awesome! Mom is so jealous, she's not that crafty! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! :) Small Boss isn't terribly good at the geometry, but that's what Big Boss is for- he's got the engineer-ish mind! Now if only they could get my size right, and keep kitty Thor from licking holes in my bed...... Enjoy your Thursday!

  3. Such cute patterns on these beds! I love lying on a pre-stuffed bed. Must make it smell like me!!

    1. Thanks, Chewy! Small Boss makes lots of fleecy goodies, so there's a lot lying around. Plus, there's nothing better than sitting on her project while she's making it- cause then it's all about meeeee! :D Have a fabulous Thursday!


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