Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#AdventureDogChat Tuesday: The Family Birthday "Paw"ty

It's that time again!

Adventure Dog Tuesday is upon us!

I looooove going through an agility tunnel.  Shh, there are kids in that tunnel, too, and I happen to love those!
On Sunday, my biological puppy family and I celebrated my litter's birthday.  I haven't seen some of my siblings since we were separated- and I couldn't have been happier to see them!

My brothers, making a break for it!
We usually get together with a few of the puppies from my litter, cause...well...you know, dogs my age can be a little crazy.  We like to get together to wear off our "puppy" energy and to have fun!  Thank goodness we were all adopted by people in the Twin Cities- we're pretty close, but some families have busier schedules than others, and aren't able to make it to a lot of our get-togethers.  Luckily, my ENTIRE family made it there, PLUS my other friends that I met along the way.

Me in front, my brother Bixby in back.
Party "Paw"ticipants:
  • Me! Sadie!
  • My siblings: Bixby, Dylan, Ryder, Comet, Holly, Sawyer, and Chester
  • My momma, Nicole
  • My daddy, Roy
  • My foster sisters: KraeLynn and Lilly
  • My foster friends I met along the way: Whitney, Raelynne, Annie, Joy, Bailey
  • My foster friends' other dogs: Jack, Lottie, George
Joy, a fellow volunteer's rescue Golden. She's awesome!  The wheelchair can't slow that girl down.
George, our foster friend Annie's adoptive brother.

Me (on the right) telling my brother, Chester, a piece of my mind! :)
Three of my brothers: Dylan (left), Ryder (center), and Comet (right)
Dylan (right) and I having an old-fashioned game of tug-of-stuffie.
Wrestling with my big brothers- Chester (left), me (center), and Dylan (right)
"Hey, they're beating up on me, Ma!" Dylan (left), me (on ground), and Chester (right)
Dylan (far left), Me (with the pearly whites), Sawyer (center), and Chester (right)
My foster sister, Kraelynn!  She's awesome at catching a ball.
We love to play!
Dylan (with the ball) and Chester- they're good buds!
Look at all these rescue dogs!  Only one pup here was from a breeder (George): we all had stories (some "prettier" than others), and all were surrendered to RAGOM.  We couldn't be more thankful- puppy "get-togethers" remind us of how far we have come!  P.S. : that list was just merely dogs- double that, and that's the humans, too!

Bixby, Comet, and myself (in the far back) getting some beautiful fall weather playtime in.
Another reason we get together is because our parents are learning how to socialize with other dogs and humans.  And what better company to do this in than with their children?!  Our momma was adopted a while back and has come so far since she was surrendered.  She was terribly shy, scared of people, and did not seek human attention.  Our foster mom and her adoptive mom worked very hard to get her socialized and enjoying her life- we're so happy to see her happy!  Our daddy, however, has come so far, but still has a long way to go.  He is still available for adoption, 1 year after he was brought here from the commercial breeder.  He is a very scared guy- but he is getting better day by day.  I got to meet him last summer, and I look so much like him!  I made sure to tell him "everything's alright, Daddy- you're in great hands now!".  I'm so grateful that I get to see my parents and brothers/sisters as often as I do!

My Daddy, Roy (left) and my Momma, Nicole (right).  Aren't they ADORABLE?!
That's my daddy, Roy.  He's getting so brave!
We had so much fun- we had T-R-E-A-T-S, the humans had munchies, we ran, fetched, caught, wrestled, the list could go on.  We love our little RAGOM family!  We are truly blessed.

Take a look at my lazy brother, Ryder, at the water dish! BOL!
Do you get to see your littermates or really good doggie friends?

Team Nicole's pups! There are two more that aren't well visible.

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  1. OMD! That looks like the best golden party EVER!!!! Happy Barkday to you all!!!

    1. It was so wonderful! Everyone had a blast- thank you for the barkday wishes! :)

  2. The SMILES! Oh my goodness I adore the energy in all of the photos, and how happy they are romping around the yard. Mort agrees about the agility tunnel, so much fun. He would actually love to be in the middle of all that golden fun mayhem! :)

    1. We would love Mort's company! It's amazing how our personalities are all very alike, regardless of being in different homes for almost a year now. We just like to have fun! :D

  3. That is sooo awesome that you all do this and live so close! All the pups are so leggy lol We've done a litter reunion with Kronos's litter when they reached a year old. It was fascinating to see them all and see all of their similarities (they are all very very nervous and scared in new situations and not sure with strangers). We will be having another reunion to see how they've grown now that they turned two. Almost all of Bella's litter was within our own family (our family had two and my aunt's family had two more, and there were only two more who were taken by other families), so she got to see them quite a bit growing up. Terra was almost the last of her litter, though I would like to possibly see if we could find them and meet up with them someday. Happy Barkday to you and your family Sadie!

    1. That's really neat! I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who gets to see her siblings- it's so much fun to get together and see everyone. I'm sure that if I would've been at the commercial breeder longer than 2 weeks, I would've been a little more shy/nervous as well. Thank you for the barkday wishes! :)

  4. I love the photo of Joy. I've seen a lot of Doxies in carts but never a big dog. That Pawty looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah! She's a very small Golden Retriever at that, but her human even attaches floaty things to her wheelchair and she can swim! :) Even without that wheelchair, she can really get around. Sometimes, she just goes without, and can fetch a ball faster than some of us!


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