Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventure (Sans Dog) Tuesday: Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Hello, World!

Well, today, I hate to say it, but....

Bosses ditched me for this trip. :(  You know why?  I wasn't even born yet!

The "morning coffee" spot!
This was Bosses' camping trip from Labor Day weekend, 2013.  I was merely a breeder dog, still in Momma's tummy.  Bosses went up there and camped in the campground right down the hill from the famous lighthouse there.  This place is a little less than an hour up Scenic Highway 61 from Duluth, MN.  It's right along Lake Superior, and Bosses gotta say: it's one of their favorite state parks so far.  I really wish I were with the Bosses for this trip, but alas, there was no physical way that I could be there.  However, Bosses DID say that I did really well in the tent last time and will *maybe* take me there next time! :)
Look at the fog coming off the lake.
So....this is what I have to look forward to:

Beautiful morning out at the "coffee spot"
This campground is all either cart-in/backpack-in/kayak-in campsites.  Bosses like these campsites, because there are no loud motors from either cars or RV's.  It's a little ways off the path from the parking lot, so it's desolate, quiet, and sooooo scenic.  Bosses had to cart their stuff in about 100 feet or so to get to their campsite.  So....not terrible.

View from the campsite in the morning.
The campsites themselves are very spaced apart, which is also nice.  They were at a different campsite for a night on the way to Duluth, and you could practically reach outside of the tent and touch the other campsite's fire ring.  Well, not quite that close, but Mom unzipped the side of her tent, got out, and BAM there was the neighbor like right there, and he waved and said "good morning" while making his coffee.  Definitely not something they're used to!  But....Mom/Dad are friendly people so they made small talk.  Anywho, I digress.  Desolate campsites!

Hot coffee and eggs are ALWAYS on the menu when we camp- even I get a nibble most times!
Mom, Dad, and I all manage to fit in this 2-person "extra-long" backpacking tent.  Impressive, eh?
Waking up to serene and stunning nature was really easy for them here.  While it was brisk in the mornings in September there, they could walk to the rocky shoreline and have their morning coffee.  It was about 50 feet away, and there was a nice log to sit on.  Is there possibly a better place to sit and enjoy a morning?!  Bosses don't think so.

The log the Bosses sat on at their "coffee spot"
There were tons of hiking opportunities, which Mom says I would absolutely love!!!  The trails were lined with fresh, wild raspberries, so getting a snack on the trail was as easy as plucking them off the plants.  Beautiful overlooks, a lighthouse you can tour (no dogs allowed inside though, grrr), a little market on the weekends at the lighthouse where you can buy local things, and even access to the Superior Hiking Trail, if Mom remembers correctly.  It was splendid.

Split Rock Lighthouse.
Really loud horns up at the lighthouse.  Wooooo wooooo!
So, when are we going to take a trip there?! Mom says next year when the weather is nice, they'll book a spot.  Mom says they already have a site booked for us for Labor Day weekend - the best cart-in site at Tettegouche State Park (coming to a blog near you very soon).  So, this park is going to be in our near future! :) It's dog-friendly.  2 paws and 2 thumbs up! :)

View from the lighthouse.
Lake Superior was surprisingly calm when Bosses went up there.
It's a long way down if you somehow fall over the super tall fence!
View from the hiking trail along the lake.  How gorgeous is this?!
View from the lake.  It was beautiful! (The water's chilly, though.  Tons of dogs are usually out here!)
Beautiful day for a hike.  I should've grown up quicker so I could've come along!
Beautiful hiking trail lined with birch trees.
Mom and Dad are those little shadows!  What a nice beach to play fetch on.  Next time!!!
Look at all those trees.
Little creeks flow everywhere along the hiking trail.
Settlers once used this place as a gathering place, and built this cool fireplace!
The beauty of fall up on the North Shore is unsurpassable.  It takes our breath away every time! <3

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  1. Hari OM
    OMD Sadie, you have just GOT to get along on a camping trip there, it is just bee-you-tee-fulls!!!!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Once it warms up here (like August. BOL!!), we'll get out there! Also, I'm sure that I'll behave a lot better now that I'm not a puppy. :)

  2. WOWIE WOW WOW.... what a BEAUTIFUL place... it is OKAY that THEY went withOUT you... since you were not born yet.... butt we think that they should TAKE YOU... Just not NOW.... wait fur SPRING to come FURST... Brrrrrrrrrrr would not be fun in that spiffy tent... right NOW.

    1. I'm hoping they take me to the park just north of this one- that's the site we for sure have booked already. Mom says you have to book sites like these and the one they got exactly one year before the date you go...it's the earliest you can book them, and they usually are taken the day the campsite becomes reservable! People are cut-throat for the prettiest sites! :)

  3. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous! The state park just south of this has gorgeous waterfalls, and the one just North has some cool rock-climbing faces for those who like to do that. Northern MN is amazing!

  4. What a beautiful place! Camping looks like so much fun!!

    1. Camping is so much fun! The Bosses say they're not sure if we'll go as frequently as we did last summer....all these weddings and other social engagements get in our way. Oh well, we love to go whenever we can! :)

  5. Wow, those are some beautiful pictures! And it was okay since you weren't born yet. That is an acceptable excuse for you not going.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Yay! Now, there are NO excuses- Mom and Dad MUST take me from now on! ;-)

  6. What great pictures! Looks like a wonderful place to camp and what a view.

    1. Thanks! We love to camp- all 3 of us! :) As long as I keep being a good doggie in the tent, I'm welcome on all their trips! :)

  7. You should really go up there with your parents. You can't go to the lighthouse, but you can hike nearby with great views of the place. Katie and I went a couple years ago. http://mygbgvlife.com/2012/02/19/roadtrip-to-the-split-rock-lighthouse/


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