Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#AdventureDogChat Road-Trippin' to Duluth

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

This week, I thought I'd show you a fun little trip that we took to Duluth after a camping trip on the North Shore.  Mom and Dad loooove Duluth, because the area is just so beautiful!  These pictures were taken in Canal Park, right on Lake Superior.  While the water is terribly chilly all year, sitting next to it and watching the lift bridge go up/down, looking at barges, shopping at quaint shops, and visiting a brewery are always on the "to-do" list when going there.  Enjoy!

Jax and I on Canal Park Brewery's dog-friendly patio.  We loved begging for food and watching people walk by!
 The Bosses love to go to breweries, as they are big into craft beer.  As a matter of fact, they brew beer in our kitchen.  Someday, I'd like to put in an order of "dog-friendly" beer- think there's a way to do that?

I'm underneath the table- you can see my tail and, ahem, rear end. :)  Check out their awesome beer selection!
 Canal Park Brewery has a great patio, and great service.  The servers loved having us dogs as well.  They even provided us with water dishes!  How thoughtful!

Hey, uhh, Boss, can you spare me some of that beer?  Please?
 Bosses and Jax's Bosses said the beer and food were both fantastic.  It's very accessible, too.  Mom and Dad always get beer cheese soup and a tasty beer to boot. :)

Bosses didn't want to share any beer- they said "not until I'm 3"! (And by that, they mean never, since it's bad for me)
 It was such a lovely day when we went!  The sun was shining, it was pretty warm out, and there was a breeze.  Sometimes, it's pretty cold and windy up there because of the big lake, but the afternoon was perfect!

Lovin' the North Shore life!  Watching people on the boardwalk was a lot of fun.
 I still am pretty energetic for a patio, but we're working on it.  The people passing by made me pretty hyper, and I liked to try to go get their hands for some high-quality pets.  If that fence was just a little bit shorter, I bet I could've hopped it!  Rats.

Oooooh, a barge off in the distance!  How neat!
 Dad's favorite thing to do is see the lift bridge go up and down (aside from enjoying craft beer).  He says he really wants to see a barge go through the canal- they don't go through it much on weekends.  Luckily, they have a schedule online, and someday we'll catch one going through!

End of the canal into the harbor- the lift bridge is just to the right!
 The scenery "Up North" is breathtaking.  The rocks, the water, the trees (well, not in this picture, but everywhere else)!  Everything is very quaint and serene- Mom and Dad would love to have a cabin in a place like this someday!

Some humans are crazy enough to swim out to that abandoned building. Jax's Dad did! But I think they're nuts.

A gorgeous day for a walk next to Lake Superior!

Big Boss loves me.  A lot. :)

Look!  My bosses!  I love adventuring!
We love to go on adventures.  Have you ever been to the North Shore?  Or another place that you thought was really nifty?  Let me know, so I can tell the Bosses to put it on the bucket list! :)


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  1. We went up to Duluth and a bit north a couple years ago. Mom isn't a Duluth fan, but she loves the North Shore and really wants to go on a hiking vacation up there but we never get around to it. The farthest north we went was the Split Rock Lighthouse which was tons of fun to hike...well, not at the actual light house because dogs aren't allowed, but near it. http://mygbgvlife.com/2012/02/19/roadtrip-to-the-split-rock-lighthouse/

    1. Your pictures look fantastic! Mom and Dad went on a camping trip to Split Rock Lighthouse in September 2013- they said it was breathtaking. We've also been up to Moose Lake (30 mins south of Duluth), Jay Cooke (just south of Duluth), Gooseberry, Split Rock, Tettegouche (20ish mins north of Split Rock), and Cascade River (up by Lutsen). We love love LOVED Tettegouche, because there were so many hiking trails, people were legitimate rock climbing off the cliffs on Lake Superior, there's an awesome brand-new State Park Headquarters with tons to do, and the campsites are better than the other ones we've seen so far. We already reserved our cart-in campsite for Tettegouche for next September- we'll have to post photos because the views are unsurpassable. :) What a beautiful area!


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