Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#AdventureDogChat Tuesday: Cascade River State Park

Heya, Fans!

Welcome to my second Adventure Dog Blog Hop post!  I'm so glad you liked my first one, and I hope to do plenty more where it came from.  Bosses and I practically live outside whenever possible, and it usually involves exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors.   Well, enough with my blabbering, onto some sweet pictures and details!

Our little tent for the three of us :)
My first weekend adventure was in June 2014.  We went Up North the Friday night after work, and set up our camp.  I was pretty excited!

Gorgeous wooded trails we hiked on.  Look at all those sticks! ;-)
The first night, Bosses and I slept in the tent.  Little did we know that a thunderstorm would roll in around 4am.  I wasn't a huge fan of the heavy rain, nor the flashes and cracks of lightning/thunder, so I panicked.  I started pawing at the screen, and poked a little hole in it.  Oops.  Boss fixed it, though.  Whew.

Wouldn't that be a nice spot to sit and relax for a while?
It was VERY foggy when we were up there.  No one out on Superior today!
The next morning, we got up, had our breakfast and coffee over the camping stove, and then decided what to do.  The weather was nasty- 50 degrees predicted as the high temp, with VERY dense fog.  We held off our morning hike for the afternoon, and drove the 15-20 minutes into Grand Marais, Minnesota. *We usually never leave the campsite, but Big Boss had never been to Grand Marais before, so we left.*

Big Boss and I going on a walk along Lake Superior- we looked for the perfect skipping rocks for him!
In Grand Marais, there was a wooden canoe festival, along with a little farmer's market.  We walked around the town, skipped some rocks into the lake, shopped, ate pizza at Sven & Ole's, and took our time.  There was still heavy fog in Grand Marais, but at least we were enjoying ourselves.  We had our fill of Grand Marais, so we packed in the car and headed back to our campsite after the lunch hour.

Hiking and looking at Lake Superior.
Whew! I LOVE HIKING!!!!!
This was our overlook spot.
Once we got back, we strapped our hiking boots on (I don't have hiking boots....) and went on our afternoon hike.  It was soooo muddy.  I loved it, but Bosses never like all the things that I like.  So, we sloshed our way up a trail which fed into the Superior Hiking Trail.  We went onto that, and got to the overlook of a "mountain" (which for Minnesota, looks like a mountain).  We got there, and it was so foggy, we couldn't see anything. :-(  So much for a scenic overlook!  Drat!  The other scenery we saw made up for it in the "gorgeous factor".  Very pretty.

Bosses loved looking at the cascades.
We crossed this bridge.  And promptly jumped in the creek.  And by we, I meant me. :)
YESSSS! FREE TO JUMP IN THE WATER! Shoveling it onto shore is my specialty!
We went back to our campsite, had dinner, a nice campfire, and went to bed; this time, I got the "presidential suite", aka the car.  It was a nice night to sleep there! We went on one more hike in the morning, and then packed up the campsite and went home.  It was pretty fun in all!  Bosses and I recommend Cascade River State Park.  It was secluded, quiet, and had many trails and activities to keep you busy during the day!  4 thumbs and 4 paws up! :)

We love visiting the North Shore for great camping and hiking!
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  1. What beautiful scenery and a fun outing! Hope you have a great Tuesday :)

    1. Thanks! We thought it was fabulous up there- Bosses DID say they wanted to retire up there! I keep reminding them that retirement is very far off, but they don't care ;-) Happy Tuesday to you, too!

  2. What a beautiful place to camp, looks like Sadie had a blast in the water! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is absolutely gorgeous up there- I recommend it if you ever go to Northern Minnesota! :) Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. You were one soggy doggy! Were you moved to the presidential suite to protect the tent from more nervous doggy damage? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, regardless!

    1. I love being a soggy doggy! It's raining here right now, and I may or may not be begging to go outside just to get wet- Boss is about at her limit. ;-) I was moved to the presidential suite to protect the tent from a "Sadie-sized" hole...but really, I am so comfortable in the car as well- Bosses give me blankets, pillows, the entire back seat to hang out! They made me sleep in the tent a few weeks ago, though, and I guessss I can behave in there- as long as thunderstorms are held at bay. :) Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Looks like a ton of fun!! Love the muddy pic!!

    1. Thanks! Muddy pics are my specialty. :) Hope you have a marvelous Wednesday!


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