Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tail-Chasing Thursday: Entertain Me

Well, Fans, Bosses have left me to go to work again.

"But Sadie, Small Boss really isn't even gone all that long, right?"  I hear off in the distance.

Mom made me this snazzy bed- it's way too big!

Even the smallest amounts of time left alone with my squirrel/kitty siblings is just...well...boring.  Squirrels Thor and Allie just sleep all day- they're the lamest siblings ever.  Figures- right when I want to take my evening nap, they get all hyper and crazy.  What's with that sleep schedule of theirs?!  We'll never know- they never tell me their kitty secrets.

All Thor and Allie do is nap.  I'm so bored!
Now that I am back to full speed from last weekend, now I just want to do something.  Oh, hey! I know!  I'm going to shred my Pirate Reindeer a little more.  Bosses say that when I get determined to demolish these things, that it looks like it snowed in the house.  What do you think?  I think it's only September, and I told them that it's merely a mirage.  Anything to keep that vacuum cleaner from turning on!
I got into a little bit of trouble with the "snow"
Bosses have started packing for our camping trip this weekend. I can't believe we get to leave tomorrow to see all my friends again!  Bosses' friends reserved a "Group Campsite" for us- that fits 55 people.  Most of our buddies backed out at the last minute, so now we have 8 people.  But wait, there's more!

There will be 4 or 5 dogs there!!!!

8 Bosses to get pets from, 4 or 5 dogs to entertain me?!


Can't wait to find another river to drag the Bosses through!
Another piece of good news: I'm featured on today!
Click here to view my little article! Sadie is Dog of the Day!

Until tomorrow, Chow!


  1. Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet Sadie! It is very nice to meet you!

  2. Thanks, Elyse! And I'm glad you stopped by. Glad to meet you as well!


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