Monday, September 15, 2014

"Morning After" Monday- The Hangover

I guess this title is rather, well, not completely what you think it is.

Goldzilla 2014.  It happened.  And I am very worn out.

First, I walked with the Bosses from their car on what I thought was a nice long walk through a park.
I was wrong.

The three of us walked up to this HUGE pack of gold furry things.  They all looked like me!  This was fantastic!  We found Foster Mom, who I looooove, and I found my brothers, and my Momma.  Then, we went on another walk with a huge pack of people.  I've never seen this many dogs like me in my life!  It was lots of fun.  I walked next to my brother, Ryder, and other friends who I met.
After we walked, we went back to the foster showcase tent, where we saw adoptable dogs.  My daddy is still available to adopt, but he wasn't there.  Oh well.  He's still building up his confidence at home, I think he's a great guy! 

 Bosses brought me to the off-leash dog play area nearby, where I got to play with my new best friends, my brothers, and Momma.  We loved it!

After that, we went around the other shops and got some cool free swag (and treats, let's be real).  We found more friends, and we even found my old Foster Sibling, Lobo!  What a crazy fun guy!

We got to try out an Agility course, which was fun.  All I did was walk across a bridge-type thing and I got Mom's homemade sweet potato treats.  Umm, yeah, of course I'm going to do that!  Easy as pie.
We waited in line for a long time to do this thing Bosses called a "Luring Course".  I chased this fluffy something around for about 5 minutes and wore myself out!  It was a blast!  It was like setting my kitty siblings free in the yard and chasing them around the perimeter!  The bosses that ran the course said I did really well for my first time doing it.  Maybe this will be in my future next summer.  Bosses were also thinking of doing a "Dock Dog" class- maybe I will be a sporty girl.  Who knows.  What do you think?

Bosses made a game-day decision to let me swim in the lake with the rest of my brand-new buddies.  I mean, after all, that would be torture.  So, they unhooked me from my leash, and I bolted into the water.  Small Boss said I looked like some lochness monster out in the water, but Big Boss said I ran like someone out of a scene from Baywatch.  That, my friends, was definitely a compliment.  My trip to the lake would not be complete without a good roll in the sand, too.  Small boss cringed, but she's not a dog- she has NO idea how exhilirating it is!

Well, I'm pretty much out for the next few days, but I'll try to write in my utterly groggy state.  All I can say is that I officially have a "Goldzilla Hangover".  Woof-da (give me a break, I'm a Minnesota dog).


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