Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wagging Wednesday: I'm Baaaaaaack


Two days later, and I'm back to crazy dog Sadie!

I love to run with my ears flapping in the wind!
I found a new stuffed animal the other day- now it is my prisoner.  I have turned him into me pirate, yarrrrr.  I usually eat the face first- no rationale behind it, but it's just my thing.

Don't you like my artwork?
Boss is giving me a 24-hour notice that a strange treat-giver will be coming to the house tomorrow.  She says to not bark at him, because he's meeting with Small Boss to entertain the notion of installing a full fence in the yard.  Hey, if it means that I can be tie-out-free, then of course I'm going to love that guy until he's smothered by me!  I'm a pretty good girl, but I do need a fence to remind myself that this is MY yard, that no one will go through the fence, and maybe that will make the neighbors happy, too!  They seem to be afraid of me.  I'm just a loving dog, but I haven't convinced them that I'm awesome yet.  I'm working on it- I got the small mailmen to pet me, so maybe I can get their grandparents to as well!

Don't worry...I've upgraded to MUCH bigger sticks.
So, hooray for fences!  My siblings and buddies will be able to come over more frequently too, since Bosses would have a way to keep them all in one place without any worries that dogs would wander away.  So, parties at my house?!  With other dogs?!  I only see good things about this!

Maybe my siblings can come to MY house once we have a fence!
Chasing my buddy JJ around in the yard.
I've been having so much fun at this blogging business!  It's almost been a week, if you can believe that.  I also love to see the fact that people have been loving the posts as well.  So thank you for the feedback!  Keep it coming!  I'll keep trying my best to be as adventurous and creative as possible.



  1. There are advantages to having a good fence - I hope you have lots of fun!

  2. I agree! I'm hoping Bosses approve and find a design and budget that they can agree on. Come on, Bosses, this dog wants to do bigger laps!


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