Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sporty Saturday: Football Edition

So, this new fall season has got to be one of the best seasons ever.  I haven't been able to experience this whole Autumn season all these people talk about.  But let me tell you, this whole fall business is fantastic so far.  Here's why:

  • Pumpkin.  Bosses (or at least the short Boss) loves this fall season and all the pumpkin-flavored things that it has to offer.  So, in her pumpkin-flavored frenzy, she made me these pumpkin/peanut butter flavored biscuits!  Holy cow. I totally understand now.  Bring on more of that!
  • Football.  Bosses also love football- both the short one and the tall one.  They seem to get pretty vocal towards the tv these days.  I don't get it- I just like watching the ball move on the screen.  I also love to get my face in the way of the tv.  Not only do I get quality snuggle time on the couch with them, I get to go to other places (or people come to ours) and they play games and eat lots of food.  And they love to give me attention.  And I get to play with their pets!
  • Bonfires.  Bosses had a bonfire last night, since it was so clear outside.  Bosses also live really far North and were trying to watch some exciting laser pointer show (my kitty siblings love that thing) (also, they're calling this laser pointer show the "Northern Lights").  Anywho, I was a little enraged because Bosses were taking logs and starting them on FIRE.  WHAT WERE THEY DOING WITH MY TOYS?!  I digress.  It was nice and warm, and people paid attention to me, and it was tons of fun.  Why didn't Bosses do this more when it was mildly warmer?  These people don't make sense. ;-)

The bosses have also been talking about re-doing some of the things in our carpet that I shredded the other day while they were at work.  They left me, like every other day, and when both cars drove away, I guess you could say that I freaked out.  I thought they were never coming back!  So....I ate their staircase.  Well, at least 3 stairs worth.  I didn't actually EAT it, but I definitely shredded it to the point that they couldn't just put the piece of carpet back on.  Oops.  Bosses weren't very happy about that.  But, at least they blamed the cats for starting it.....and me finishing it.  So, they're thinking about replacing the stairs with laminate flooring.  I'm not sure what to think about that!  What am I supposed to do, chew on bones and antlers?!

(This no longer has carpet, period. I was just that lonely.)

.....fine.  I'll just chew on appropriate items. (Sigh)

Well, from all this fall excitement, I must say that I am out for the count, as you can see.  Time to rest up for more adventures coming in a few hours!


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  1. Well, hello Miss Sadie!!! I'm so happy I found you and I'm so excited to know another Minnesota Dog Blogger!!! Would love to run into you tomorrow!


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