Sunday, September 14, 2014

Super Sunday: Woof-da!

Well, safe to say, yesterday was a blast.  Bosses took me to their friends' place, and I got to hang out while they played games and watched football.  And, they have a fluffy friend there, too.....he thinks I'm a bit much to handle though.  I don't get why people call me a "busybody"....I just like to have fun!

Bosses finally found me a toy that I am obsessed with.  And this time, I can't obliterate it into smithereens.  Small Boss has said that I'd be the perfect paper shredder, because apparently I can even do "cross-shredding".  Guess I'll take that as a compliment- I like compliments.  It even has a hole to put little biscuit men into.  That keeps me pretty busy!

After we footballed, two of my best furry friends came over to play!  And ANOTHER bonfire!  I don't get to see these furry friends often, because one lives an hour and a half away from my house.  They love to wear me out- these guys are all puppies, too, so we keep each other busy.  Not that I mind...I love being busy!  Bosses couldn't get us all in one screen this time for an updated picture, but here we are a few months back into Puppyhood:

Sigh.....the weekend is almost over.  I'm pooped.  I guess the rumor is true: there IS a way to wear me out, after all.  I hope every weekend can be like this one!  We are about to head out to a big furry festival called "Goldzilla".  It's a fundraiser and festival hosted by Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota.  I'll be going to support my other buddies...and let's be real: it is ALL about playtime and TONS of people who love Golden Retrievers.  AKA me.  So I bet I'll be sleeping for days after we come back home!  Bosses always say "let sleeping dogs lie"...I don't get it.  Time to head out and greet the people!


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