Friday, September 12, 2014

Furry Friday

Hi There!

I managed to hop onto the office chair to try my paw at some typing.

Know what I'm excited for?

This cold weather up here in Minnesota!

That summer thing?  That was for the birds.  Except for the swimming part.  I love that.

Minnesota has had a few fantastic crisp fall days this week, and I couldn't be more excited to lounge out in the yard.  Bosses let me play in the yard all the time.  Know what my favorite thing to do in the yard is?  CHEW LOGS.  (Don't you call those sticks, Sadie?  says an inquiring mind)  I skip the little sticks in the yard; those aren't worth my time.  I go straight to the Boss' firewood pile, find me a succulent piece, and mulch it for them.  See, aren't I helpful?  I like to leave it in my little nest at the bottom of the staircase from the deck.

Okay, fine, Bosses pick my nest up a lot, and maybe they're trying to send me a message- but I can't help myself- I love to chew!  I'm a puppy after all, give me a break!  It's like they have to mow the lawn or something- what's up with that?

Anywho, here are my highlights of summer, now that the tiny mailmen are back in Obedience School-

  • Camping with Bosses. Twice!
  • The sprinkler 
  • Going to Boss' friend's cabin- WITH A LAKE! And another Golden friend! 
  • Going on walks to the dog park- a double whammy! 
  • Bosses have friends who come to stay with us- they visited with their puppy. 
  • Seeing my brothers, momma, and daddy. 
Here's what I am looking forward to this fall:

  • COLD WEATHER- I loved that winter stuff!  I never saw this warm weather business until this summer, and with all this fluff, I really do love the crisp, cold air.
  • Leaves!  Bosses say I shouldn't eat them, though...just frolic through them.
  • Football season.  Bosses like to sit on the couch during the professional football- I like sitting on or around them.  They always tell me to move my noggin, but who would move their head away from all that attention?!  They also have something they call "tailgating" for college football...but at someone's house.  All I gotta say, is that there's a lot of cooking, throwing of balls, and other dogs.  Why would I turn down that invitation?
  • Going on even more walks to the dog park!
  • Small boss is now home more often, now that she doesn't work long days.  That means that I have to behave more, but that also means that I get to see Boss so much more often!
What was your favorite part of this past summer?  And mostly, what are you looking forward to this fall?  I'm always an optimist- I look forward to everything (except for when that vacuum cleaner turns on.....)!

By the way, my fundraising page for my Goldzilla walk has been pretty lonesome.  I have $85 left to fundraise by Sunday!  Can we do it?  Even if 17 people donated $5, I would achieve my goal!  If you don't feel in the position to donate, I would love some encouraging words as I walk for Golden Retriever rescue-  I haven't received any good luck yet.  Here is the link if you'd like to learn more about my family, and Boss' efforts at fostering dogs and fundraising.


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