Saturday, September 20, 2014

Skillful Saturday: Boss is Crafty

Heya, Blog Readers!

Well, it has been a very vacant weekendaround here at the Ranch, and I thought I was proud of my Boss' new little gift to me, in honor of being "Dog of the Day" this past Thursday.

Boss made this!
She made me a little leash hook to hang all my goodies on!

No more taking ALL that extra time finding that leash- it feels like an eternity when they can't find it! Now, it can hang right next to the door.  Insta-walk!

Boss, you should center this better.
Boss is a very crafty person, and when she saw those cute little doggy-butt hooks at IKEA, she thought of me and got to work.

Boss couldn't decide if she liked the glossy or matte.

Do you or your Bosses like to get crafty?  Show me some of your craft projects!  Boss is always up for new ideas!

Voila!  There's my leash!


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