Monday, September 22, 2014

My FIRST Adventure Dog Blog Hop Post! #AdventureDogChat

Good Morning, Fans!

I just HAVE to tell you about my outdoorsy adventure this past weekend.  I had SOOO much fun.  Life is always an adventure!

We left for our campsite on Friday afternoon after the Bosses came back from work.  All they said was "ready to GO?" and BAM! I was ready to go.  I love the word "GO".  Makes my floppy ears get so perky.

The three amigos, at it again!
Willie and I sitting by the water spigot.  Naturally. :)
So, we got in the car, and as much as I love the phrase "CAR RIDE", I really don't enjoy the whole process of the car ride itself.  It makes me all...drooly.  It also makes the Bosses so...whiny.  I digress.

Sitting pretty for T-R-E-A-T-S!
We got there, and it was a HUGE campsite.  One of the campsite Bosses reserved the group campsite, which was for 55 people!  Well, between furry friends and Bosses, we only had about 12.  But, more room to sprawl out!  And play, of course!

The other two dogs with us napped most of the time.
We got to have dinner and a bonfire on Friday night with Bosses and pups.  Lots of food, lots of fire, and lots of hands to pet me.  Yay.  However, once we packed up our s'mores materials and headed to the tent, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and lasted from 11:00pm until about 3:30am.  I was pretty scared- but Small Boss hugged and petted me most of the time, telling me I was a "good girl" for laying down and staying calm.  Whew, I did it!
I'm SMOTHERED in mud. I love it!
On Saturday morning, we had breakfast, some water, Bosses ate some of their food, and we went out for a day of adventure in the state park.  They called this place "Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park", which is located in Southeastern Minnesota, near the Minnesota/Iowa border.  There was a HUGE cave at the park, but they didn't let dogs in, so we didn't go.  Instead, we went on an afternoon hike out to a scenic overlook.  Little did we know what was in store for us- it was primarily a horse trail.  Most of you do not know that my Big Boss is deathly allergic to horses.  Do not fret- I barked the horses away.  No, they didn't just trot past me- I definitely drove them away with my barking.  Or at least just keep telling me that.

Jax and I LOVE licking Big Boss's hands- so tasty!
I love to hike, and Bosses say that I do all the work since I love to pull the entire way.  I sure pulled!  I even pulled Small Boss down a rock hill, which resulted in her falling on her tush and breaking her camera lens.  She should be less clumsy, really!  All I wanted to do was stick my paws in the creek 15 feet ahead!  Geesh, Bosses.

I walked across this bridge.  And got in the water, duh!
I love jumping in the river!  Or just water in general.
I did so many fun things on Saturday that I HAD to take a nap.  I may be an energetic, adolescent puppy, but there is nothing more refreshing than a nap.  We had more dinner, but thank goodness we ate early- another dark cloud moved in, more severe than the previous night.  We had to run to a more established shelter in the park and wait it out for a few hours.  Bosses said they had no idea how bad it was going to get, since they didn't have cell phone or radio signal in the forest.  Thank goodness the weather let up.  We also met some kind neighborly folk who also seeked refuge in the shelter.  They liked to pet me, so I was pretty happy.

Sunday, we mainly rested.  Bosses didn't sleep much this weekend due to all the storms, and I was pretty tired from playing and worrying about storms as well, so we slept a lot.  We woke up, and took our time building a fire, making breakfast, and all the fun things that happen in the morning hours when camping.  The puppy friends and I managed to get lots of running out by chasing fetched balls and using the perimeter of the field as a "race track".  It was fun!  And boy, can a Golden/Whippet/etc. mix and a Sheltie puppy run WAY faster than me.......yikes.  After we packed up our sopping wet tent and things, we hopped in the car to head home.  Whew!  What a weekend!

Pretty fall Sumac in our campsite.

Willie will do anything for Bosses' treats!
Pretty trees we saw on our hike.  Yay for fall!
Bosses woke me up and told me I was home.  I sauntered into the house, found my favorite carpet spot in the hallway and plopped down for the night.  It's tough being a puppy!  But I love the adventure so much, the multi-day nap to recover is sooo worth it.
Woof-da!  Giving a big smile at the top!
Boss saw this on our hike.  So pretty.
I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to do my first blog hop today- with the Adventure Dog Blog hosts, DOGthusiast and Tiffany's Diamond Dogs!  So, thank you all!  I hope you loved hearing about my weekend outdoor adventure, and trust me, this isn't the last outdoor adventure you'll hear about from me!
The overlook into the river valley is just gorgeous.

Adventure Dog Blog Hop
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  1. Hi Sadie. I chatted with you a bit tonight at BlogPaws chat! Happy to make a new friend!

    1. Great to hear from you again, Oz! It was lovely meeting you this evening, and am so glad to have a new friend as well! :-)

  2. Another blogging golden?!? Hello, I'm Chewy!
    I like to pull like no tomorrow when there is a body of water nearby, as well! I am slooowly getting better at waiting for permission, though.
    Sounds like a wonderful camping adventure! I am also a devout follower of the post-outing multi-day nap philosophy.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by- it's nice to know there are other Golden bloggers! :) I think we just have SO much fun as energetic dogs, that the nap is just as exuberant as the awake time! So glad to meet you, Chewy!

  3. My Milo is so afraid of storms. I can only imagine how terrified he would be if we were in a tent and it was raining or thundering. Glad you made it through the night ok.

    1. I'm not usually afraid of storms, but the rain was hitting the tent so hard, and the lightning made the tent light up as if it were daytime. I couldn't help but pace the perimeter when I was able to! I settled down after a while, and nestled up with the Bosses. I am 2/3 nights on thunderstorms in tents so far :( I'm hoping someday the weather will cooperate and let me show everyone how great of a tent sleeper I can be! :)

  4. Geez sorry to hear about the storm, what sort of timing is that? Although it looks like everything else went well, looks like you had a great time. And I agree, a nice nap afterwards is just perfect.

    1. My timing has just been horrible this year. Bosses say that camping in 2013 was amazing, and that this never happened. Maybe I just need to get through the storms to really appreciate the sunny weather camping trips! :) I'm so glad you agree with the nap afterwards- I don't know if there's a better feeling than that! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. My huskies really don't care for storms either. Looks like they are having a pretty good adventure in the woods.


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