Friday, September 19, 2014

Freedom Friday: Camping Edition

Sayonara, Blogging World!

I am going on vacation for the weekend to Southern Minnesota for my first ever fall camping trip!  Oh boy.  This is going to be so much fun!  So, I've left my "roost" to the squirrel kitties: Thor and Allie.  Not sure if I trust these two to do my job.  They're either sleeping or causing trouble.  They're a cute duo, though.
My siblings Thor (on left) and Allie (on right)
Allie puts up with me...aren't we cute together?
While I'm gone, I plan to:
  • Sleep in a tent. Bosses let me try sleeping in their backpacking tent.  Once.  They let me sleep in the car after that (as long as the weather permits safe car-sleeping).  There was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night during our first camping trip this summer, and I tried to jump out of the tent...through the mosquito netting.  I may or may not have put a small hole in the tent.  Big Boss wasn't too thrilled, but he fixed it.  Whew.  So...they're borrowing a 4-person tent from GrandBoss, hoping that I will want to comply with the tent this weekend.  Thank goodness they always make the car extra comfy for me just in case!
  • Sit next to the bonfire and NOT singe my tail fur! Minnesota has not been known to be very warm in the fall months, but this weekend seems like it will be rather temperate.  Highs in the low 70's, lows for overnights around 55-60, but also involves a lot of rain/thunderstorms.  I guess I can't complain...that's one way to immerse myself with water!  It's just like a huge sprinkler, right?  I LOVE sprinklers.  Anywho, I have proved myself able to be around a firepit at my past few bonfires, and Bosses trust me.  I like to stay warm that way, and plus, all the Bosses are there, and therefore, all the petting hands are there as well.  I will definitely stay there for that.
  • Try to find some water to fully immerse myself into.  From the name of the state park we are going to, it doesn't sound like there is much water. know....sometimes they pick campsites with "Cascade Falls" or "Lighthouse" or "Gooseberry Falls" or "Moose Lake".....ALL HAVE TO DO WITH WATER.  What are these bosses thinking?!  A Mystery Cave?! A Forestville?!  Where's the water, Bosses?  I really need to know.
  • Eat some good camping grub. Bosses like to pack me lots of "camping snacks", just to make sure I'm a good puppy.  Like, when I don't bark at the people walking past our campsite, I get something yummy!  It's a good deal!  I like acting good when I get tasty treats!
  • Play with my fur friends! My buddies Willie and Jax will be there.  Willie is a Golden/mix (maybe a Whippet mix?), and Jax is a Sheltie.  We're all around a year old give or take a few months, so we're pretty ridiculous together.  Bosses always say they like when we play together because after we do that, we all sleep together.  They're still waiting for when we all snuggle in a pile together- why would we do that when they have their cameras out and waiting?  What's the fun in that?  I also hear that 2 more Shelties will be there- Brock and Kane.  I always like new buddies, so I hope they like me, too!
  • Get ridiculous amounts of attention from as many Bosses as possible.  With 8 other bosses around, that means there will be 16 hands available for petting!  JACKPOT.  I will win them over.  And they will submit to my adorable powers and pet me.  It's not a's a demand.
Going on a stroll at Canal Park in Duluth, MN.
What are you looking forward to this weekend? I'd love to hear all your adventures!  Although, depending on cell phone service, I might have to give you a can with a very, very, long string attached so you can tell me that way.  Right?

Playing in the river up in Northern Minnesota.

(Sidenote: Congratulations to my doggy cousin, Mitch, on being selected to be the Dog of the Day today on!  I knew you could do it!)


  1. What an awesome article!! Hope you kept all 16 boss hands busy, Sadie! You look super cute though, so I'm sure that part of the equation shouldn't have been a problem ;-) How did the sleeping situation pan out for you? Tent or car?!

    Our boss & us had a fairly low-key weekend because she took care of some bird clients...crazy, huh? Why would you pamper them? Shouldn't they just be chased??!

    Today we got a bath, which is never too bad of a deal because we get treats for being good...which we always are.Then we got to air-dry in the warm sunshine in our backyard. Good deal ~ we love sunbathing!

    Keep in touch, Missy & Buzz

    1. Don't worry, Missy and Buzz, I made sure I kept all 16 hands busy this weekend. As a matter of fact, I kept 32 hands busy- I managed to find the neighbor's hands, and kept those busy, too! They had 5 more dogs with them, and after all the bosses met, they let us all have a huge puppy playtime. It was so cool. We only met because we had severe weather this weekend at the campsite and had to take shelter under something more sturdy than a tent. I did sleep in the tent, though! I was very scared during the first night's thunderstorms, so Bosses brought me my crate the second night; I liked that so much better. :) I'll have a blog post about this on Tuesday- it was a doozy! Too good of material to not write about.

      Sounds like you two had a nice weekend- I always appreciate the low-key weekends, because Bosses and I are always very busy. Maybe I should tell them about your weekend and they'd get the hint to stay home a little more often! I need a bath as well- I got pretty dirty out camping. Nothing beats a good day of sunbathing, too! I will definitely keep you in touch- glad to hear from you!


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