Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh Look, Boss, I'm on Your Computer!

Well, well, well.....look who's surfaced on the interwebs?!

Me!!! Sadie!!!

I could write novels about myself, let me tell you, good treat-givers.  I suppose I better start from the beginning, because that's the cutest part!

I was rescued from a breeder when I was 2 weeks old, along with my 6 brothers, 1 sister, my momma, and my daddy.  We're 100% Golden Retrievers, and we were rescued with 8 other adult dogs, as well as 34 other puppies.  Holy fur, Batman!  I lived with my fabulous Foster Mom and Foster Siblings (2 Resident Golden Doodles and 2 other Foster Goldens) until I was about 9 weeks old.  My bosses (I guess some call these treat-givers "humans") decided I was their furry friend when they came to play with me and my family one cold evening.  They were deciding which puppy to pick out of my family, and they liked me because I sat in the Big Boss's lap and took a nap- hey, a puppy's gotta pick out a warm and comfy lap, right?  Well, I went home with them, and look at my posh life here!

I live with my two Bosses and my two furry squirrel friends, Thor and Allie.  Well, the Bosses call them "cats", but I find that word to be synonymous with "squirrels" or better yet, "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER".  I love these little furry things.  I also occasionally live with foster siblings-  Bosses like to bring me friends to play with and find them awesome "forever" homes when they can.  I think it's fun.

Thor always waits for my next move.  Yikes!

The weird squirrel is almost always Thor.

This is my shy squirrel, Allie.  She doesn't mind me, though.

This is a long time to stay at this computer- there are lots of neighborhood walkers to bark at, and.... OH! SQUIRREL IN THE YARD! BYE!

(Sidenote: I am going to be walking for my rescue organization this upcoming weeekend, and I'd loooooove for you to help me raise some money to help other lucky pups like me start their new life to finding their forever homes, too!  Bosses created this fundraiser page: Goldzilla Fundraiser 2014.  Check it out, and donate if you can!  Otherwise, I'd looove to hear some support in the "comments" section to root me on at the RAGOM Goldzilla Walk!!!)

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