Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#AdventureDogChat Tuesday: Cascade River State Park

Heya, Fans!

Welcome to my second Adventure Dog Blog Hop post!  I'm so glad you liked my first one, and I hope to do plenty more where it came from.  Bosses and I practically live outside whenever possible, and it usually involves exploring and adventuring in the great outdoors.   Well, enough with my blabbering, onto some sweet pictures and details!

Our little tent for the three of us :)
My first weekend adventure was in June 2014.  We went Up North the Friday night after work, and set up our camp.  I was pretty excited!

Gorgeous wooded trails we hiked on.  Look at all those sticks! ;-)
The first night, Bosses and I slept in the tent.  Little did we know that a thunderstorm would roll in around 4am.  I wasn't a huge fan of the heavy rain, nor the flashes and cracks of lightning/thunder, so I panicked.  I started pawing at the screen, and poked a little hole in it.  Oops.  Boss fixed it, though.  Whew.

Wouldn't that be a nice spot to sit and relax for a while?
It was VERY foggy when we were up there.  No one out on Superior today!
The next morning, we got up, had our breakfast and coffee over the camping stove, and then decided what to do.  The weather was nasty- 50 degrees predicted as the high temp, with VERY dense fog.  We held off our morning hike for the afternoon, and drove the 15-20 minutes into Grand Marais, Minnesota. *We usually never leave the campsite, but Big Boss had never been to Grand Marais before, so we left.*

Big Boss and I going on a walk along Lake Superior- we looked for the perfect skipping rocks for him!
In Grand Marais, there was a wooden canoe festival, along with a little farmer's market.  We walked around the town, skipped some rocks into the lake, shopped, ate pizza at Sven & Ole's, and took our time.  There was still heavy fog in Grand Marais, but at least we were enjoying ourselves.  We had our fill of Grand Marais, so we packed in the car and headed back to our campsite after the lunch hour.

Hiking and looking at Lake Superior.
Whew! I LOVE HIKING!!!!!
This was our overlook spot.
Once we got back, we strapped our hiking boots on (I don't have hiking boots....) and went on our afternoon hike.  It was soooo muddy.  I loved it, but Bosses never like all the things that I like.  So, we sloshed our way up a trail which fed into the Superior Hiking Trail.  We went onto that, and got to the overlook of a "mountain" (which for Minnesota, looks like a mountain).  We got there, and it was so foggy, we couldn't see anything. :-(  So much for a scenic overlook!  Drat!  The other scenery we saw made up for it in the "gorgeous factor".  Very pretty.

Bosses loved looking at the cascades.
We crossed this bridge.  And promptly jumped in the creek.  And by we, I meant me. :)
YESSSS! FREE TO JUMP IN THE WATER! Shoveling it onto shore is my specialty!
We went back to our campsite, had dinner, a nice campfire, and went to bed; this time, I got the "presidential suite", aka the car.  It was a nice night to sleep there! We went on one more hike in the morning, and then packed up the campsite and went home.  It was pretty fun in all!  Bosses and I recommend Cascade River State Park.  It was secluded, quiet, and had many trails and activities to keep you busy during the day!  4 thumbs and 4 paws up! :)

We love visiting the North Shore for great camping and hiking!
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mischief: X-Marks the Spot!

Maybe I should take up geocaching, or maybe archaeology!

Bosses knew I had a mild digging phase in my "puppyhood", but when they saw the huge hole in the middle of their backyard, they had to go investigate.  I went on a digging hiatus for quite some time.  I guess I thought they needed a break from re-seeding/re-mulching/etc.

You can't see my findings yet, give me a few more inches.
Little did they know that their little archeologist would find something interesting in their yard.

No, I didn't find any bones or cool artifacts. *sigh*. But...I found this:

A HUGE PVC PIPE!  I feel like Sherlock Holmes!

Now, you'd ask "Sadie, why would you be so excited about a PVC pipe?!"

Good question.  I really just love everything.  But Bosses were very intrigued, making me feel pretty excited, because maybe I made a breakthrough in their flooding mystery!

X-Marks the Spot!
Bosses were having some water issues in their basement during our Minnesotan "monsoon" back around June, and were baffled as to how water was pooling in a corner of the closet.  They replaced a Sump Pump, and then decided that the majority of their problem was that the landscaping next to the house foundation needed to be re-graded.  So, they re-graded.  But, this little PVC pipe might be correlated to our flooding!

LIGHTBULB!  The PVC pipe connected to the gutter on the side of the house where the flooding came from!  We investigated further.  The pipe was also broken where I found it (not my doing), and also stuffed with dirt at the beginning and the end.  Turns out this pipe probably drained water away from Bosses' house and to the other side of the backyard.

Found it!
Sherlock Holmes = Sadie.  Case: closed.

See you tomorrow! Chow!
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black & White Sunday: Classic

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I've been a pretty good pup this weekend. Today, I think I'm just going to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather with the Bosses in the backyard, soaking up the rays while they do yardwork.  Maybe I'll join in.....who knows.  I like to be helpful whenever possible!

"But Mom...just one more treat?"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sepia Saturday: The Water Girl

Good Morning, Fans!

Welcome to my first Sepia Saturday. Woo hoo!  Small Boss likes to photo edit, so this is right up her alley! :) 

A special thank you to Bosses' friend for shooting this picture.  I guess when I pull Small Boss down a rock hill and break her nice camera lens, it's hard for her to take cool pictures like this.  Who knew?  Bosses' friend is a great photographer, anyhow, and I love it when she shares pictures with me!  So thank you, M! 

Here I am!  Check out that water- I love it soooo much!

Missed it by thaaaaat much.  Oh well, I love when the water hits my face, anyways!  It felt so nice!
Do you like getting in the water, too?  We're running out of time in MN, it's chilly!  Have a wonderful Saturday, and have fun out there!

I'm off to my football tailgate, chow!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

FitDog Friday: Mental Stimulation

Hiya, Everyone!

Well, Boss has been up to lots of blog hops this week- I hope everyone has been thoroughly enjoying all of them thusfar!  A big thank you to everyone I've met so far this week- you are all so fantastic.  It's great to meet you all!

Today's thoughts are my first FitDog Friday!  Boss got her college degree in Human Performance/Exercise Science/Kinesiology and Health, so this is right up her alley, at least for the humans!

Run, run, run...as FAST as you can!
Boss has learned that raising a puppy is no chore.  Puppies need a LOT of exercise, especially as they grow.  Exercise keeps them physically healthy, happy, and mentally healthy.  After a dog stimulates their mind and body, they are much less likely to get into devious trouble- or at least that has what Boss has found with me so far.  Boss has fostered 1 other puppy, as well as raise me, and will be fostering a 13-week-old puppy in 2 weeks.  What has been similar with all of us?  Staying busy and happy.

My braided rope tug toy.  I love it!
Boss will be honest, she doesn't take me for a walk every single day.  She feels a bit guilty about this.  Sometimes, though, I get exercise in a different way.  We play fetch in the yard, or play a game of "Chase Boss", or we go to the dog park and get the hiking/running/socializing out.  During physical exercise, of course my mind and body are both busy!  It's great!  Some of those days, though, Bosses are tired from work or have commitments where they can't slip physical activity in, Bosses have to get clever.

I need to keep my mind busy, right?
So, what are some of the ideas Bosses have come up with so far to keep me busy (hint: Bosses really prefer I don't stay busy by ripping up the stairs anymore)?  Here are a few:
  • Hiding treats around a room.  Well, let's be honest here- Bosses would hide treats around the house, but I am so easily distracted and don't get the whole determination thing yet, so we'd just have old treats hanging around the house.  One room is all we can handle right now.  My personal favorite is ice cubes!
  • Treat-dispensing toys.  Bosses have bought me a few different types of treat dispensing things, and they seem to keep me busy.  Balls with holes in the center for smaller treats, a big treat dispenser with goodies, or even a fabric "maze" game with the stuffies taken out from the middle and stuffed with ice cubes.  I looooove ice cubes.
  • Honestly, the kitties and I interact and keep each other...busy.  Allie usually stays out of it, since she is a pretty mellow gal, but Thor and I play chase.  He is usually the instigator, getting me all excited and then bolting off.  He gives me mixed signals, because then he growls at me when I actually get to him, but I like it anyway. ;-)
  • Chewing toys.  I love to chew everything.  It's not over-exaggerating when I mention that, because I have probably chewed on almost everything.  Bosses like to take me to the local pet store (again, the outing keeps me busy), and I get to pick out something to chew on whenever I am out of food.  I usually pick one of those cow-hoof things, because not only does it take me forever to demolish, it smells SO good.  Boss thinks it smells like a horribly bad piece of bacon (she even likes bacon!), but I think it smells glorious.  Mmm mmm mmm!
Why did Bosses have to get so innovative?  Ha.  Let me tell you why! (Boss laughs just remembering the Cabin Fever we had last winter!!!)

Playing fetch when it was a balmy 20F out last winter.
Last year, I was a tiny little puppy during what was considered a horrible, never-ending winter up here in Minne"snow"ta.  Holy cow, it was brutal.  Temperatures were at -40F, and that barely counted the windchill.  Sometimes, we had windchill/temp readings up to -60F.  Needless to say, we ALL were cooped up.  Bosses and myself.  Boss had to come up with ways to keep me busy during those long, frigid days.  So this is where all the mental stimulation comes into fruition.  At least we're prepared in case it happens again!

I LOVE my floating bumper toy- I can't break it!!!
When it is too cold to play outside, Bosses and some volunteers/friends from RAGOM get together and plan playgroups for us as well.  I got invited to my foster sister's birthday party at an indoor doggy play area last winter.  It was sooooo much fun!  Here's a snapshot of my momma and I getting a picture together- I love when I get to see her!  The weekends are usually for wearing myself out with play and physical activity, and the weekdays are my chance to get my brain working and stay sharp.

Carrying sticks to my "nest" is also a personal hobby.
This weekend, I plan on completely wearing myself out- it's football weekend again, and that means more tailgating and play time with friends!  I cannot WAIT!

What are some ways you keep yourselves fit, mentally active and healthy?  Any fun plans for the weekend? Give me some ideas!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: Reminiscing

Hello, all you readers!

We have some news out here from the Ranch-

We are getting me a foster brother!!!!

You heard it- Bosses decided to foster their fourth dog.  This time, it's in the form of a tiny Golden Retriever puppy.  He will be about 13 weeks old by the time he gets here, and Small Boss says that he is terribly adorable and SUPER fluffy (more fluffy than I was).  We will have him in a few weeks, since he will have to travel across the country to live with us.

Kaiser is his name, since he and his siblings were found abandoned on the eve of September 11th.  Kaiser was the name of one of the service dogs working on the Ground Zero site, so he and his siblings were named in honor of them.  He will be travelling all the way from Alabama to Minnesota via a wonderful group of volunteers who drive stretches of road to bring dogs to rescue groups.

Keep your eyes peeled in about 2 weeks or so for him to surface! We can't wait to have some more puppy kisses around here!

In honor of our news, I thought this throwback edition would be great for my first Thoughtless Thursday.  Who can resist puppy pictures?  Anywho, I'll leave you to those.  Enjoy!

Tiny Sadie Bear!
Mischief Maker from Day One.
Look at my HUGE ears.
All wrapped up for Christmas!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Wee Little Pup

Well, Friends and Bosses alike,

I have really gotten into this blog hop business.  Thank you to those who have been helping me and, not to mention humoring me, while I've been wiggling my way around the world wide web.  I promise, I'm a quick learner! As long as I keep getting fed tasty treats, I'll keep doing work! So hang in there, everyone!

So, if you want the TL:DR (too long, didn't read), Welcome to my first Wordless Wednesday, throwback edition. Enjoy!


Monday, September 22, 2014

My FIRST Adventure Dog Blog Hop Post! #AdventureDogChat

Good Morning, Fans!

I just HAVE to tell you about my outdoorsy adventure this past weekend.  I had SOOO much fun.  Life is always an adventure!

We left for our campsite on Friday afternoon after the Bosses came back from work.  All they said was "ready to GO?" and BAM! I was ready to go.  I love the word "GO".  Makes my floppy ears get so perky.

The three amigos, at it again!
Willie and I sitting by the water spigot.  Naturally. :)
So, we got in the car, and as much as I love the phrase "CAR RIDE", I really don't enjoy the whole process of the car ride itself.  It makes me all...drooly.  It also makes the Bosses so...whiny.  I digress.

Sitting pretty for T-R-E-A-T-S!
We got there, and it was a HUGE campsite.  One of the campsite Bosses reserved the group campsite, which was for 55 people!  Well, between furry friends and Bosses, we only had about 12.  But, more room to sprawl out!  And play, of course!

The other two dogs with us napped most of the time.
We got to have dinner and a bonfire on Friday night with Bosses and pups.  Lots of food, lots of fire, and lots of hands to pet me.  Yay.  However, once we packed up our s'mores materials and headed to the tent, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and lasted from 11:00pm until about 3:30am.  I was pretty scared- but Small Boss hugged and petted me most of the time, telling me I was a "good girl" for laying down and staying calm.  Whew, I did it!
I'm SMOTHERED in mud. I love it!
On Saturday morning, we had breakfast, some water, Bosses ate some of their food, and we went out for a day of adventure in the state park.  They called this place "Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park", which is located in Southeastern Minnesota, near the Minnesota/Iowa border.  There was a HUGE cave at the park, but they didn't let dogs in, so we didn't go.  Instead, we went on an afternoon hike out to a scenic overlook.  Little did we know what was in store for us- it was primarily a horse trail.  Most of you do not know that my Big Boss is deathly allergic to horses.  Do not fret- I barked the horses away.  No, they didn't just trot past me- I definitely drove them away with my barking.  Or at least just keep telling me that.

Jax and I LOVE licking Big Boss's hands- so tasty!
I love to hike, and Bosses say that I do all the work since I love to pull the entire way.  I sure pulled!  I even pulled Small Boss down a rock hill, which resulted in her falling on her tush and breaking her camera lens.  She should be less clumsy, really!  All I wanted to do was stick my paws in the creek 15 feet ahead!  Geesh, Bosses.

I walked across this bridge.  And got in the water, duh!
I love jumping in the river!  Or just water in general.
I did so many fun things on Saturday that I HAD to take a nap.  I may be an energetic, adolescent puppy, but there is nothing more refreshing than a nap.  We had more dinner, but thank goodness we ate early- another dark cloud moved in, more severe than the previous night.  We had to run to a more established shelter in the park and wait it out for a few hours.  Bosses said they had no idea how bad it was going to get, since they didn't have cell phone or radio signal in the forest.  Thank goodness the weather let up.  We also met some kind neighborly folk who also seeked refuge in the shelter.  They liked to pet me, so I was pretty happy.

Sunday, we mainly rested.  Bosses didn't sleep much this weekend due to all the storms, and I was pretty tired from playing and worrying about storms as well, so we slept a lot.  We woke up, and took our time building a fire, making breakfast, and all the fun things that happen in the morning hours when camping.  The puppy friends and I managed to get lots of running out by chasing fetched balls and using the perimeter of the field as a "race track".  It was fun!  And boy, can a Golden/Whippet/etc. mix and a Sheltie puppy run WAY faster than me.......yikes.  After we packed up our sopping wet tent and things, we hopped in the car to head home.  Whew!  What a weekend!

Pretty fall Sumac in our campsite.

Willie will do anything for Bosses' treats!
Pretty trees we saw on our hike.  Yay for fall!
Bosses woke me up and told me I was home.  I sauntered into the house, found my favorite carpet spot in the hallway and plopped down for the night.  It's tough being a puppy!  But I love the adventure so much, the multi-day nap to recover is sooo worth it.
Woof-da!  Giving a big smile at the top!
Boss saw this on our hike.  So pretty.
I'm so glad that I have had the opportunity to do my first blog hop today- with the Adventure Dog Blog hosts, DOGthusiast and Tiffany's Diamond Dogs!  So, thank you all!  I hope you loved hearing about my weekend outdoor adventure, and trust me, this isn't the last outdoor adventure you'll hear about from me!
The overlook into the river valley is just gorgeous.

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